Extreme Sports in Baños de Agua Santa

Baños de Agua Santa strategically located at the door of the jungle and at the foot of the Tungurahua Volcano, it is considered one of the best places to do tourism in Ecuador, since it houses in one place, culture, tradition, adventure, and an excellent gastronomic offer.

Tourism is well established, and a wide variety of activities are offered, from pure adrenaline in extreme sports to a relaxing bath in the hot springs.

The extreme sports you can do in your visit to Baños de Agua Santa are:

  • Canyoning Banios
  • Rafting Banios
  • Cycling Banios
  • Canopy Banios
  • Climbing Banios
  • Parapente Banios
  • Jumping Banios
  • Hiking Banios
  • Horseback riding Baños

KAYAK: The kayak is one of the most fun adventure sports and in our country we can practice it in endless rivers at different levels of difficulty. In Baños you can learn in several kayak schools and at the same time feel the adrenaline that runs through practicing this extreme sport.

RAFTING: In Baños de Agua Santa you can enjoy this extreme sport in several categories, III, IV and IV +, through the Pastaza River. The tours could last between 2 to 4 hours. There are several tourist agencies in the city that offer this activity with all the security that you need, they are also backed by Certified Guides and with several years of experience.

CANYONING: Canyoning is an adventure sport that is practiced in the canyons or ravines of a river, and can present a very varied route, also known as torrentismo consists of going obstacles in rivers or ravines: walking, swimming and descepando. In the equipment, the person must have at least a helmet, a neoprene suit, appropriate footwear, mechanical blockers, pedal, knife, whistle and life card. In Baños de Agua Santa there are places to do this Canyoning activity, such as: Río Blanco, Cashaurco and the Chamana waterfalls, from where you can enjoy this extreme sport, as well as admire beautiful landscapes surrounded by wonderful vegetation.

CANOPY: The Canopy is an extreme sport that consists of throwing from one place to another by means of a cable, where the person is held by a specialized team. In the city of Baños de Agua Santa you can do this activity in a variety of places and landscapes in addition to different lengths, in the route of the waterfalls there are specialized places that have all the necessary securities to perform this extreme sport.

PARAGRAPH: The Parapente in Baños Ecuador, is made from the city of Pelileo on the hill Nitón, for this activity is done in TANDEM, which consists of a flight with a certified instructor and many hours of flight to endorse their experience. In the city of Baños de Agua Santa there are tourist agencies that offer this tour at comfortable prices, also at the end of the activity you share the pictures taken during the Paragliding. While you make the flight you can enjoy an extraordinary landscape, the Patate valleys, the view of the Tungurahua Volcano and the city of Baños de Agua Santa as well as its surroundings. Do you dare to enjoy an unforgettable experience?

CYCLING IN THE CASCADES ROUTE: In the city you can go to an agency and rent a bike at very comfortable prices for a whole day, and tour the whole city or if you are more extreme to travel the Route of the Cascades, in this route you can Enjoy wonderful scenery, breathtaking waterfalls, and a route full of adventure and fun.

JUMP OF THE BRIDGE or PUENTING: if you are daring and want to feel an extreme adventure, this is your best option, there are two places to realize this activity, the first one is on the Baños - Puyo road in the sector of Río Blanco, a bridge with an approximate height of 45 meters; the second and most extreme option is located in the city of Baños on the San Francisco bridge with a height of 100 meters. Dare to fly, and overcome your fears.

By means of local ordinances, the extreme sports in Baños de Agua Santa Ecuador, are always being controlled by the corresponding authorities. If you are looking for a direct tour we suggest you enter www.baños.city, where you will find all the updated information and you will also have direct contact with the owners of the Tourism Agencies of Baños de Agua Santa so that you can clear your doubts and make your direct reservation.